Web Marketing for Artists and Art Galleries, ArtView, Inc.
ArtView, Inc is a web marketing alliance designed to promote artists in ArtViewMembers.com and art galleries in GalleryPages.com

Artview, Inc brings together artists in the ArtViewMembers.com network and art galleries in the GalleyPages.com network for the purpose of promoting art on the internet through web marketing tools such as blogs, social networking, news releases and search engine optimization. If you’re a single artist or gallery you can have a difficult time getting noticed on the web, but the web marketing alliance of ArtViewMembers.com and GalleyPages.com uses the collective power of many to increase your web presence, web traffic and ultimately sales and profits. Become a member of an art community whose mission is to increase your profits by successfully marketing your art on the web. 
ArtView’s artist and gallery websites share a unified design that focuses on the art. When you look at the home page of an ArtViewMembers.com or GalleryPages.com website, you see predominately art with few distractions. It encourages the viewer to explore images of interest and drill deeper because the website’s design allows users to examine each piece in detail. With the viewer engaged, a contact management system encourages them to communicate with the artist or galley about the art of interest. This can lead to a sale and maybe even a lifetime customer, increasing your profits.
The concept of an artist community or an art gallery district has traditionally been the method used to draw art enthusiasts to a central location where a large variety of art can be viewed. The web marketing alliance of ArtViewMembers.com and GalleryPages.com works in the same way to draw art customers from all over the web to a large collection of internet art. This, along with websites optimized to be found in the search engines, will bring you more traffic, sales and profit  than a standalone website can deliver.

If you’re an artist, visit the ArtViewMembers.com page to see how an ArtViewMembers.com website can effectively help you market your art.

If you have an art gallery, visit our GalleyPages.com page to understand how a GalleryPages.com website can help sell your art and increase your bottom line.
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